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HeatSpring PV Course Blog


NABCEP Exam Requirements and Cycles

Posted on 11 April, 2016 at 16:22


Uh, did I miss something? I thought this course was until the end of this month. Or is this overlapping cycles? I was planning to take this class as part of the 58 hours I need to even qualify to take the NABCEP test this fall. I plan to return here to bone up after applying the lessons learned here on two more systems I'm planning to build to qualify also as the systems I built before my knee (and other body parts) crashed out in '12 don't qualify any more.
I would ask this as a private message but I didn't see any link to send it just to you and not bother the other students.


This class is ongoing!

I just sent that message about 8-days until the exam for any students that may be taking the NABCEP Certification exams coming up on Saturday.

If you are taking the exam in the future, that is great. It happens every 6 months as you probably already know.
It is fine to ask the questions here, since it gives information to everyone else, but my email address is [email protected]

Also, if your knees hurt, you can also qualify by designing systems without going on the roof.
Here is what it says on the NABCEP website about experience:

The Applicant shall have performed in a decision-making role, which had material impact on the quality and serviceability of the installation. Examples of such roles include, but are not limited to: Lead Installers, System Designers, Project Managers, Site Managers, Foreman, Electricians, System Engineers, and Quality Assurance / Commissioning Agents.

Also, the NABCEP Exam typically adopts the NEC 1.5 years after cycle, so the second exam of 2018 will probably adopt the 2017 NEC.


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