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According to Marvin Hamon, EE, the other instructor of AET 230

"Large inverters over 100kW almost never work out of the box & you need a factory representative to make them work."

AC modules: they are a thing of the future. We have not seen one yet.

An Enphase inverter is not factory wired to a module.

Enphase is a microinverter and there is a lot of interest, especialy from high-tech consumers.

Enphase has said that they will come to our class for a talk. You can see their product at

Remember, next week is spring break, so don't come to class.

In 2 weeks, the subjects we will cover are system sizing & mechanical integration, which you can read about in chapters 9 & 10 of the book Photovoltaic Systems. We will have a presentation by Brian Swanson of Fidelity Roof Company.

Quiz with answers:

quiz week 3 answers.pdf (PDF — 34 KB)